Gifts for Coffee Lovers

1. Coffee Granola

Made with love in our bakery.

Ingredients: Oats, almonds, grated coconut, Puerto Rican ground coffee, honey & vanilla.

2. Típico Premium Coffee Box

This little box will make anyone who gets it happy. Inside, there are three samples of the specialty coffees that we serve at our stores.

Aromas del Campo, Utuado Puerto Rico
Don Pello, Ciales Puerto Rico
Factotum, Sidamo Ethiopia

3. Café de Puerto Rico

In our online store and physical stores, you can find our coffee brand: Típico. You can buy on your preferred choice, beans or grounded.

4. Coffee Soap

This coffee soap is from our partner Enjabonaté, which uses coffee from Utuado and Ciales Puerto Rico to create a unique product.  It incorporates essential oils and coconut flakes for soft exfoliation.

Available at our Hato Rey Stores.

5. Coffee at home Kit

Gifting a coffee lover everything needed to prepare exceptional coffee at home is a home run. We have put together a complete kit to impress the coffee lover in your life.

This time we recommend a coffee, from Factotum, a roaster from Puerto Rico who lives in Chicago. We had the opportunity to visit him and bring his coffee to our stores. You can choose from different places in the world, and with different brewing processes, you will be able to create a great cup of coffee.

We will have several bags in our Hato Rey store, you can also buy through their website:

G70 or C70

This method is known as Pour Over, one of the best-known coffee extraction methods worldwide that allows us to get the best aromas and textures of a coffee, in the cups we drink, learn more.

* available in our stores in Hato Rey, Santurce and Señorial *

For the C70 we recommend you buy a ‘decanter’ to have the full experience of a barista. Tresco Server by Saint Anthony, is heat resistant, easy to clean, has a capacity of 500ml and is 95mm high.

* available in our stores in Hato Rey, Santurce and Señorial *


Both the G70 and C70 use the same paper filter.

* available in our stores in Hato Rey, Santurce and Señorial *

Coffee Grinder

The easily adjustable manual Hario grinder has ceramic blades that transmit less heat to the coffee beans and cut the grain instead of breaking it like metal blades do, which is why it grinds more consistently.

Molino Hario Black Plastic


This drip scale is great, this was our first scale at Señorial and we still think it’s one of the best ones we’ve ever had.

Hario Drip Scale


This tool will help you  make a uniform extraction, pouring the water little by little in perfect temperature.

Hario V60 Electric Kettle Buono

We hope this is helpful for your seasonal gifts.


Más entradas

Grinding coffee is the process of reducing the coffee bean to powder to facilitate the preparation of the infusion using a coffee grinder. The main objective of this is to facilitate the yield of water during a coffee extraction process.

The drip method, also known as Pour Over, is one of the best-known coffee extraction methods worldwide. At Café Don Juan, we offer a variety of Specialty Coffee that is served through this method, allowing us to stand out the best flavors, aromas, and textures of a coffee in the cups that we serve.