Pour Over or Drip Method

The drip method, also known as Pour Over, is one of the best-known coffee extraction methods worldwide. At Café Don Juan, we offer a variety of Specialty Coffee that is served through this method, allowing us to stand out the best flavors, aromas, and textures of a coffee in the cups that we serve.

Also known as “Filtered Coffee”, the drip method has some specific characteristics that make it very special when it comes to appreciating a cup. Our baristas can control different variables to achieve an extraordinary result, including:

  • Coffee Grind
  • Temperature
  • Extraction time
  • Dosage or Recipe
  • Pour and Infuse
  • Extraction Instruments

Depending on the profile of our coffee, we can taste citrus, almond, sweet and/or bitter flavors. Also, we can notice variations in the texture, body and consistency of the final result that we will obtain in our cup.

Another interesting fact is that Filtered Coffee often contains more caffeine than a typical Espresso Coffee. This happens to a great extent thanks to the temperature and time of extraction of the coffee in this method, which is generally three (3) and a half minutes.

When we prepare a filtered coffee, the extraction occurs in the form of a drip and this makes the water come to contact with the coffee for a longer period, therefore, it can absorb more caffeine, proteins, and particularities of the fruit.

There are several instruments to filter coffee, among them some of the most popular are:

  • V60
  • C70
  • F70

Here we present a video where we prepare a delicious Pour Over in our store in Santurce.

Available in all our locations.


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Grinding coffee is the process of reducing the coffee bean to powder to facilitate the preparation of the infusion using a coffee grinder. The main objective of this is to facilitate the yield of water during a coffee extraction process.

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