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Café Don Juan is a coffee shop that was founded in 2012 by Juan Pablo Torres, a young barista committed to living, sharing and celebrating the culture of good coffee. Our first location was in the Señorial Plaza Shopping Centre, in San Juan, where we began providing a coffee house experience that included good coffee, sandwiches and delectable pastries.
With more than 80 full and part-time employees and an elevated concept, Café Don Juan’s mission is to offer guests a high-level experience based on Specialty Coffee, or coffee of excellence, in inspirational spaces that invite visitors to share conversations and live in the moment over an exceptional cup of coffee.

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Coffee Grind Basics

Grinding coffee is the process of reducing the coffee bean to powder to facilitate the preparation of the infusion using a coffee grinder. The main objective of this is to facilitate the yield of water during a coffee extraction process.

Pour Over or Drip Method

The drip method, also known as Pour Over, is one of the best-known coffee extraction methods worldwide. At Café Don Juan, we offer a variety of Specialty Coffee that is served through this method, allowing us to stand out the best flavors, aromas, and textures of a coffee in the cups that we serve.